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October 13, 2019

Who is Scratch Nails?
Scratch Nails also known as Scratch of Sweden is my family's brand of nail care and vegan nail polishes that has been the talk of major Swedish and Scandinavian magazines for over 35 years. Having an influence on healthier and vegan formulated products, Scratch of Sweden also has several nail salon locations, is sold and shipped in Kicks which is similar to Sephora here in the United States. We have also been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan and many other industry magazines in Stockholm, Sweden along with Elle Sweden Beauty Awards Nominating Nail Food.

What is Nail Food?

Nail Food is an oil that is primarily used on nails, cuticles and the hands all around. It consists of sesame, jojoba, myrrah, and lavender that nourishes and treats the nails. If you read one of my posts the nail food oil has the ability and heal multiple skin issues.
 Jojoba oil is one of the best oils because it can be used on the nails, the skin (yes we have a bit of hair on our hands) and it always moisturizes.
Sesame oil has essential fatty acids that give both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties nourishing it from the inside out.
Myrrah is like sesame oil but this oil is also an anti fungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic which makes it IDEAL for treating and healing skin issues.
Lavender oil not only smells amazing but strengthens the cuticles and nails thus increasing nail growth and it also has antibacterial properties for fighting off germs.

Read what customers and Social Media Influencers have to say about Nail Food and more of our Nail Care Products. 
Co-Founder of Facebook Group 'Makeup For Real Black Women'
No Soft Nails Treatment
Facebook Review
French Hyper White

These are a few comments that people thought of the Nail Food but there are also many other products that can treat your nails, hands and your feet too. Scratch Nails is truly changing the way that we think of natural nail care. It's the product line that is ideal for EVERYONE who wants healthier, stronger, natural nails. With more products to offer take a look around.

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