How To Create A Winged Liner

In a rush but love to wing out your eyeliner! Here's my little tip and trick on how to create a winged liner look in 10 minutes or less.


1 angle brush

  1. Apply makeup as usual. Line in your upper inner waterline with waterproof kohl eyeliner.
  2. Tilt head down and to left side. Using a small, clean angle brush to dip cream eyeliner in and start a line from the bottom corner of eye and bring outward releasing pressure.
  3. Drag the line from the corner to the lash line staying as close as possible.
  4. Fill in sparse areas with more cream liner.
  5. Clean the corner of the wingtip with a q-tip dipped in concealer by going underneath the line and pressing lightly and dragging it out to make it straight and winged.
  6. Apply several coats of mascara in the direction of the wingtip.
You can use similar products but these are my current obsessions.

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